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ASPXC / ASPXC-HP Series Single Package Vertical Unit - Straight Cool and Heat Pump

3/4 through 2 tons, up to 10 kW Electric Heat
Completely pre-charged with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant
The ASPXC Series "Suite 20" is a compact, through-thewall single package vertical HVAC unit that delivers conditioned air from a single unit to multiple rooms..

ASPXC series is available in straight cool (ASPXC) or heat pump (ASPXC-HP) models.
Having a small footprint allows the ASPXC to use a minimal amount of floor space.
The ASPXC installs easily into a closet having an exterior wall.
Like your home, a standard wall mounted thermostat controls the ASPXC unit. Applications for the ASPXC include:
  • Hotels / Motels
  • High rise apartments / Condominiums
  • Assisted Living / Independent care facilities
  • Student housing
  • Manufactured / Modular buildings

  • Completely pre-charged with environmentally friendlyR-410A refrigerant
  • Easy access for in-place service of most components
  • Multi-function micro-processor board that includes the following functions:
    Evaporator coil low temperature protection
    Low ambient lockout
    ECM motor utilized on all models
    Random restart
    Compressor restart delay
    Fan-off delay in the cooling mode
    Low voltage fuse protection
  • Service disconnect
  • Completely insulated cabinet for sound attenuation and weather infiltration
  • Adjustable fresh air damper
  • No tool needed to replace the filter
  • Weight-supporting, single piece wall sleeves (except side access sleeves) for various wall thicknesses from 5" to 20"
  • Sleeves have primary condensate drain connection
  • with secondary overflow to building exterior
  • All sleeves are shipped with a weather guard
  • Flush type exterior architectural grilles

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