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ACW Series Upflow Wall / Closet Fan Coils 2-Pipe Chilled Water Cooling

ACW Series Upflow Wall / Closet Fan Coils 2-Pipe Chilled Water Cooling (Vertical air handlers 2 pipe)

Standard unit shown (Closet application -
Front Return Air)
Unit shown with bottom return air kit (Closet application -
Bottom Return Air)
Unit shown with louvered wall panel (Recessed wall application)
The ACW Series fan coil is designed as an upflow indoor air handler with a chilled water coil for cooling.The ACW can be installed on a closet platform, hung on a closet wall, or recessed in a wall between the studs. All models are 22" wide to allow standard stud spacing for all sizes.The cabinet is made of embossed galvanized steel and is fully insulated. The condensate pan is sloped to ensure proper drainage. For installation flexibility, drain piping can come from the bottom, front, left, or right side of the cabinet.

The ACW is equipped with a control board that allows 24V 3-speed fan operation from a 3-speed wall mount-ed thermostat. Three compatible 3-speed thermo-stats are available from First Co.: manual changeover (#T420), auto changeover (#T421), and the all new "Autospeed 24V" (#T200). The T200 Autospeed 24V provides maximum comfort and efficiency by automati-cally varying the fan speed between High, Medium, and Low speeds, depending on room temperature and desired thermostat setting. (see P.4 for additional information)

Standard Features:

  • 120V motor, 24V 3-speed fan control
  • 120/24V 3-speed control board (see description on Page 4)
  • Electrical service pullout
  • Non-corrosive thermoplastic drain pan, sloped for positive drainage
  • Separate compartment for drain connections
  • (allows the use of PVC drain piping)
  • Drain pan has female primary and secondary fittings
  • Easily accessible 1" filter
  • Various optional factory installed valve packages
  • Coil connections stub out top of unit

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