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Horizontal Fan Coils (Chilled water with electric heat)

AHH & APHH (with R/A Plenum) - Features

  • Factory installed heating element(s)
  • Insulated and sloped drain pan
  • High efficiency copper tube coil
  • 24/240V transformer for low voltage control
  • Primary and secondary condensate drains
  • 2 speed motors (high speed for cooling, low speed for heating)
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Manual air vents

AHH & APHH (with R/A Plenum) - Factory Options

  • 277V models are UL Listed
  • Factory installed return air plenums with filters (insulated)
  • Factory or field installed motorized valve / hand valve clusters. (contact factory)
  • Aquastats, thermostats, rubber grommets, etc. (all field installed)
  • Drip pan extension for factory installed valve clusters (field installed)
  • Ceiling access / return air grilles

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ARHH Series - recessed ceiling model
The ARHH Series fan coil with hinged ceiling panel is designed for recessed ceiling applications.The unit consists of an AHH fan coil totally enclosed in a cabinet with decorator style hinged access panel that also serves as a return air panel. The ceiling frame and access panel are adjustable to permit easy field adaptation to most ceiling types for custom fit and maximum accessibility to the unit and controls.
ACHH Series - exposed ceiling model
The ACHH Series fan coil is designed for installations where sufficient room for ductwork isn’t available. It contains all of the features of the AHH Series and includes a decorative cabinet with stamped discharge grille. The cabinet has an attractive baked-on light gray enamel finish. An attractive stamped return air grille in the hinged bottom panel is standard.