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ASHW/ASVW Series Hydronic Air Handling Units

ASHW/ASVW Series Hydronic Air Handling Units (2-20 ton - Hydronic)

7-1/2 - 20 TON HORIZONTAL (90SHW - 240ASHW)
2 - 20 TON VERTICAL (24ASVW - 240ASVW)
First Co. commercial - duty ASHW/ASVW chilled or hot water blower coil units are designed for installation within the conditioned area or as remote units with duct systems. Standard 4 row coils can be used for cooling or heating.These air handlers are compact, with large removable panels for installation and ease of service. Separate filter panels are provided on both sides of unit.Op-tional accessories include 6 row cooling coils, hot water coils, various motor options, mixing boxes, motor starters, and discharge plenums. All models feature positive slope drain pans.Standard models are available in 8 popular sizes - 800 through 8000 nominal CFM (2 through 20 tons).

All standard models are ETL listed and rated in accordance with ARI Standard 430

Standard Features:

  • Cabinet fully insulated - 3/4 inch.
  • Embossed galvanized cabinet on 24-240MB.
  • Crank arms and linkage rod for damper connection are furnished. Connections can be made on either side of mixing boxes. The balance of necessary linkage hardware, damper motor, and controls to be field supplied.
  • Dampers can be positioned for either rear/top or rear/bottom locations.
  • 1” duct flanges provided on damper openings.
  • Dampers have air seals on the edges for positive closing. 24-90MB have single horizontal damper blades. 120-240MB have double horizontal damper blades.
  • When used with water coil units, a “freezestat” must be installed to prevent coil damage caused by low ambient conditions.

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