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The "Autospeed 24V " TM Control Package: 24V Digital 3-speed Wall Thermostat and Fan Coil Control Board For 2 pipe and 4 pipe fan coils

The "Autospeed 24V " TM Control Package: 24V Digital 3-speed Wall Thermostat and Fan Coil Control Board For 2 pipe and 4 pipe fan coils (automatic speed changing thermostat)

The new Autospeed 24V thermostat (part # T200) provides 24V AC single stage temperature control of 2 pipe and 4 pipe fan coil applications. The T200 thermostat offers maximum comfort and efficiency by automatically selecting the appropriate High, Medium, or Low fan speed, depending on room temperature and thermostat temperature setting. This automatic fan speed control not only brings the room tempera-ture to the desired set point quickly, it maintains the room temperature with the most efficient fan speed selection. Once the desired room temperature is achieved the fan coil operates on low speed for ex-tremely quiet operation.The fan coil control board is a circuit board that pro-vides control of a 3-speed line voltage (120, 208-240, or 277V), (50 or 60 cycle) fan motor.

The control board allows the thermostat to control the fan motor even though, by itself, the thermostat does not have the current capability nor voltage rating capability to control the fan motor. Contact the factory for various control board part numbers.

For ceiling fan coils (AHBC/APHBC/ACHBC/ARHBC, and AHYB/APHYB series), a "Controller Enclosure" is factory installed, which includes the control board, transformer, and disconnect switch. For AAMB/AAMB-HW and ACW/ACW-HW/ACWE series upflow or horizontal fan coils, the optional control board and transformer can be factory installed inside the unit wiring compartment. A disconnect switch is not available with the MB/MB-HW and ACW/ACW-HW/ACWE models.


  • Compatible with 2 pipe and 4 pipe fan coils Series AHBC/APHBC/ARHBC/ACHBC, MB/AMB-HW, AHYB/APHYB, and ACW/ACW-HW/ACWE
  • Continuous fan operation
  • Manual Heat / Cool changeover switch
  • Large LED digital display
  • Allows less expensive 24V control wiring from the fan coil to the thermostat, rather than larger, more expensive line voltage wiring.
  • 3-speed fan operation, with speed indicator lights
  • Fan speed determination:
  • If room temperature is 4 degrees (F.) off thermostat set point, fan will operate on High speed.
  • If 3 degrees off set point, fan will operate on Medium speed.
  • If within 2 degrees of set point, fan will operate on Low speed.
    One-hour Auto override - Fan speed defaults to "Auto" mode after 1 hour if the user manually changes it to a particular fan speed.
  • Temperature set range: 64-88 degrees F.
  • Adjustable high and low temperature set points (low set point option is 67 deg. F., high set point option is 84 deg. F.)
  • Selectable Fahrenheit / Centigrade display
  • Power switch turns system off/on
  • Requires 7-wire 24V thermostat wire
  • No batteries required
  • Set points are permanently retained in memory in case of power interruption
  • Simple operation
  • Mercury Free
  • Wall plate included

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