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Variable Speed4-Pipe Hydronic Fan Coils

AVMB-HW Series - Variable Speed 4-Pipe Hydronic Fan Coils

The AVMB-HW series includes a programmable, high effi-ciency motor that redefines comfort and energy savings. The AVMB-HW motor automatically adjusts its torque and speed to maintain a preprogrammed level of constant airflow over a wide range of external static pressures. This variable speed technology offers better indoor air quality, more precise humid-ity control, quieter operation, consistent indoor air temperature, and lower utility bills.

Additional Standard Features:

  • Vertical/horizontal drain pans
  • Hot water coil assembly slides out for easier service
  • Manual air vent on hot water coil
  • Attractive baked-on powder coat finish
  • Fully insulated cabinet
  • Primary and secondary drain connections on cooling coil
  • 120V motor, 24V control
  • Compatible with most properly sized and installed zone control systems. Contact the zone control manufacturer.

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