AWSVX – 14 EER ECM 3/4 – 5 Tons

The WSVX Series  (x-ECM )  Vertical Water Source  Heat Pumps are available in eight sizes from 1.5 Ton to 5 Ton.  Optional voltages include 208/230V-1-60, 265V-1-60 for all sizes, and 208/230V-3-60, 460V-3-60 for 3 Ton to 5 Ton


  • All units operate with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant.
  • Cabinets insulated with ¾” Tuf-Skin RX™ treated with an anti-microbial agent.
  • Non-corrosive Thermoplastic Condensate Pan, sloped for positive drainage.
  • High and Low pressure Service Ports.
  • Refrigerant Filter-drier and Discharge Muffler.
  • Coaxial Water-To-Refrigerant Heat Exchanger.
  • Heat exchanger available in Copper or Cupronickle
  • Digital Control Module (DCM).
  • Multi-speed blower motor .
  • Panel-mounted FPT Water Connections.
  • High efficiency rotary, scroll or reciprocating compressor.
  • System reversing valve (4-way )
  • Large Removable Panels for Service access.
  • 50 VA Transformer.